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Our Story

BnB Farms was started by the Mosekian family in 1935. Since the very beginning we have made it a priority to provide the best quality products at a competitive price. Starting out as farmers in central California, we have since moved our family and business to Cambridge, Idaho where we have taken on the new and exciting challenge of ranching. With a focus on sustainability, education, and a love for the land we work, we strive to not only offer premium hay and beef cattle, but also educate our customers about what ranching is and why the agriculture industry as a whole is necessary to provide for our growing population.


In 2018 we had the opportunity of a lifetime to buy our current ranch in Cambridge, ID. Formerly owned by the Wilkerson family, who homesteaded in 1883, the ranch is a piece of history in and of itself. In fact, one of the barns still standing and in use on the ranch was built in 1866 when Abraham Lincoln was still President and before Idaho was even a state. We cannot even begin to explain how honored and humbled we are to be given the opportunity and responsibility of being a part of such a rich history.

Family sitting on red dodge flabed, Family Ranch, Family Farm, Everyone wearing cowboy hats, Hay and Cattle For Sale, Mother and Father and their son and daughter
Girl in red hat and Levi Jacket Cattle for Sale touching noses with a black calf, cattle for sale near me, red eartag

BnB Farms is a 1200+ acre ranch located just east of Cambridge along Hwy 95. People familiar with the area recognize it for the beautiful, old-fashioned, red barns and big hay barns. On the ranch, we grow over 650 acres of hay and run 80 cows on the remaining acreage.

We are a family run ranch, with all members of the family actively involved in the day to day operations. We don’t just sit behind desks and make phone calls. We don’t just drive around in trucks and supervise. On any given day you will see us outside doing the jobs that need to be done to keep our ranch going. We are proud of our hard work and the fact that we can come together as a family to continue our traditions and build our legacy.

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