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Imagine BnB Farms as a pyramid with several tiers. Some of those tiers include cattle, people, education, and legacy. Hay isn’t just another tier, it’s our foundation. Hay is what holds everything else up. It’s where we started. It’s what we know. It’s what we love. Whether you prefer to feed alfalfa, grass, wheat, oats, or sudan, we know you are going to love our hay just as much as we do. 


We bale most of our hay in 90 pound 3 string bales. All of these bales are made using a Staheli West Steamer to ensure our hay is soft, leafy, and consistent. We also bale hay in 3x4 1250 pound bales. All of our hay is stacked in barns, almost always the same day it is baled, so you can be guaranteed hay that is not weather damaged. We sort and separate all hay multiple times during the stacking process and when selling so any hay that is not satisfactory is left aside. 


When you come to pick up your hay we would be more than happy to load it for you, whether it’s on a trailer, back of your truck, or even in the trunk of your car. Believe me, after selling hay for as long as we have, we have seen some crazy methods of hauling hay!


If you don’t want to deal with the hassle, don’t have the time or means, or just want to make your life easier, ask us about our delivery options. We’d be more than happy to bring our hay to you.

Our hay tends to sell out very fast, so be sure to place your order early!


We are proud to provide top quality alfalfa, and with over 85 years of experience growing alfalfa, rest assured we can do that. All of our alfalfa is weed free and grown with sustainability in mind. We work hard to make sure our alfalfa is done right throughout the growing and harvest process. This means you get soft, leafy, green hay that is full of the nutrients your animals need. We test all our alfalfa and can make those test results available to you upon request. 


We grow a variety of grasses, all suitable for making hay, which allows for consistent production throughout the year. This includes mixtures of orchard, rye, timothy, fescue and brome, along with various native grasses. 

Wheat, Oat, Sudan & Tritacle

These are alternative types of feed that we grow as rotational crops. We use specific varieties of each that are known for making good hay. Most people, ourselves included, like to think of these as a nutritious filler that most animals prefer mixed with alfalfa. Hay tests are available so you can consult an animal nutritionist to determine a healthy mix ratio.


If you are concerned about what would be the best type of hay to feed your animals please consult an animal nutritionist or veterinarian. We would be happy to tell you about our experiences or what other customers have said work for them, but none of us are qualified to tell you what feed is best for your particular animal. Please talk to someone who knows more about nutrition than us! We would hate for something to happen to your animal because they ate the wrong kind of hay.

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