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The BnB Farms Beef Philosophy


Our Story

Too many people today take food for granted. In many cases, we have forgotten where our food comes from and how important a role agriculture plays in putting food on the shelf in your local grocery store. We want that to change. We want to do things differently.


Here at BnB Farms, we believe a connection between the producer and end use cunsumer is vital. We want everyone to know where their food comes from and we want to show you what we do to ensure you are receiving top quality meat that is raised ethically. We encourage our customers to come and spend some time with us and get to know their rancher. We would be more than happy to talk to you about what we do here and why. If we aren’t too busy, we would even like to show you around the ranch, check out the cows, and let you see exactly where your beef comes from and how it is raised. This isn’t just a business for us, it’s a way of life. We want you to be able to see and experience the benefits of this life as well.  


We believe that raising healthy cattle is necessary for producing high quality beef. All our beef comes from cattle that are born and raised right here on the ranch. All our cattle are grass fed and we work hard to minimize stress on our herd. This includes a calm working environment, keeping predators at bay, and large lush pastures for the cattle to enjoy.


Our BnB Farms Beef is grass fed and grain finished. This means the cattle spend almost all their lives on pasture or being fed hay. Then, when the cattle are getting close to being finished, we put them on grain for 45-60 days. Our cattle are never given any growth hormones and, if requested, we can ensure your beef is antibiotic free as well. We believe this is a healthy, ethical, and efficient means of raising cattle that results in premium beef.

Beef: From Our Freezer to Yours

This is for the customer that wants to purchase smaller quantities of meat and not take up all the space in their freezer. This meat is all USDA labeled and inspected and is sold straight out of our own freezer on the ranch. 


We have two different bundles for you to choose from, the Premium Grilling Bundle and the Low and Slow Bundle. These bundles are comprised of various cuts of meat, and not every bundle will be exactly the same. Exact weights will also vary, so each bundle will be weighed and priced accordingly.


Some cuts of beef are only available in limited quantities and therefore not sold as part of a bundle. These cuts, such as Tri-Tip, will only be available for purchase individually. 


We will also have some additional premium steaks for sale. Due to limited availability, we will only sell these steaks in addition to the purchase of a bundle while supplies last. These steaks are only sold in packages of two. 


Once you have made your choices, you can call, text, or email us to place your order and schedule a time for pick up. For more information, head to our Shop Beef page.

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