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BnB Farms Beef

BnB Farms Beef is raised from healthy cattle under our meticulous care.

Learn about our philosophy below.


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Fill Your Freezer – Whole/Half Beef Options

  • Whole Beef - $5.50/lb hanging (includes butcher fees)

  • Half Beef - $5.75/lb hanging (includes butcher fees)

For customers that want to buy their meat in bulk and have a large freezer. This is typically the cheapest way to fill your freezer, as long as you are willing to commit to either a whole beef or half a beef. Buying beef this way gives you the option of choosing a butcher and getting the beef cut the way you like. However, it is important that you place an order for bulk beef early and understand that you may have to wait a few months for your order to be ready. 


Most of our cattle are ready to butcher in the late summer through the winter. However, we would prefer to have the order placed for these animals in the spring to allow time to schedule dates with the butcher. If you are purchasing a half beef, keep in mind we have to find someone to buy the other half of that animal, which may take some extra time. 


Pricing Notes:

The prices of our bulk beef is based on the hanging (hot) weight of the animal. This weight is not the same as the live weight of the animal or the amount of meat you actually get. The hanging weight of a beef animal is typically 55-65% of the full weight of the live animal. The actual meat you receive to put in your freezer will be around 60-68% of the hanging weight.


Let’s assume you are buying a Whole Beef. Say the animal itself weighs 1400 lbs live. That means it may have a hanging weight of 800 lbs and a yield of 520 lbs of actual meat. Based on these numbers, you will pay $5.50 x 800 = $4,400 for that whole beef. 


While this may sound like a lot, keep in mind you are bringing home 520 lbs of assorted meat to put in your freezer. This means you are getting steaks, ground beef, roasts, etc. all for $8.46/lb. When you break it down and think about it, buying a whole beef really is a great deal!


Butcher Notes:

When you place your bulk beef order you will have to option to either use our preferred local butcher or take the animal to a butcher of your choice. If you do choose to use your own butcher, you will be responsible for scheduling that butcher and paying all butcher feed. The prices above include butcher fees, so in this situation those fees will be removed and the price per pound of hanging weight will be reduced. 

If you do choose to use one of our preferred butchers, we will handle all arrangements with the butcher. All you will have to do is tell the butcher your cutting instructions and pick up the meat from either the butcher or BnB Farms when it is done.


For people that have never bought beef in this manner before, it can be somewhat confusing. If you have any questions about this process please contact us and we will happily talk you through the whole process. 

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